Rumor: this year's top-of-the-line model could be called “iPhone Edition” and take a long time to reach the market [atualizado]

It is already a kind of “consensus” (although it remains entirely within the realm of rumors) that this year we will have on the “iPhones 7s / 7s Plus” succeeding the current ones, as well as a third new iPhone model to occupy the top-of-the-space. -line taking advantage of the device's ten year celebration.

This has been commonly referred to as “iPhone 8” or “iPhone X”, but now the MACBlog brought another possible name for the move, following the pattern established by the Apple Watch: “IPhone Edition”.

According to information obtained by the Japanese blog, this iPhone will have a 5-inch screen (although more recent rumors are betting on 5.8 ″), two rear cameras and wireless charging. Apple would still be testing on multiple prototypes, however, housings with different materials (glass, aluminum and ceramics), LCD and AMOLED screens (other leaks already take the change for granted), models with and without Home button, and so on. .

Due to the supposed stage at which the project is today, the MACBlog speculates that, even announced in the traditional period of September, this "iPhone Edition" would not immediately reach the market like the others. Oh, well

(via AppleInsider)

Update · 03/08/2017 s 11:34

Corroborating the rumor of the immediate non-availability of the “iPhone Edition”, the iGeneration released today (Google Translate) based on its own sources that STMicroelectronics will not have 3D sensors that Apple will use on the front camera of the new device ready as early as September.

As has happened in years past, with a large component not to go into mass production to the point of the announcement of the new iPhone, being for a little later. It's just not clear yet, how much later that would be.

(via AppleInsider)