Rumor: Siri will become more proactive on iOS 11, gaining integration with iMessage and syncing via iCloud

Rumors, rumors and rumors! In the Apple world they just don't stop.

With the approach of WWDC'17 and later, the “iPhone 8” launch event, things are getting warmer.

Today's covers specifically the improvements that we can see in the iOS 11 related Crab.

According to an Israeli website [Google Translate], the virtual assistant of the system will gain integration with iMessage, synchronization by iCloud and the ability to learn from user behavior.

In iMessage, the integration would be more proactive, with the assistant suggesting the automatic filling of addresses and sharing of location in the predictive text, based on the context of the conversation.

Proactive, moreover, seems to be the basis of the "new" Siri in the future system, since the article also states that it will learn from users' behavior within applications, working very much on our habits and contexts.

All this learning and contextual awareness will be linked to users and applied to all devices and platforms, including macOS, watchOS and tvOS, all properly synchronized by iCloud.

Rumors involving profound changes at Siri are not just today to tell the truth, exactly a year ago we heard basically the same things, which would be announced at WWDC'16.

Who knows now, maybe everything will be worth the competition is not stopped, so it is good for Apple to invest heavily even in its assistant.

[via 9to5Mac]