Rumor: second generation Apple Watch will feature camera and be more independent from iPhone

We barely put our hands on the first generation of Apple Watch and are already circulating for rumors about the second. As always, Mark Gurman (from 9to5Mac, which has great sources within Ma) listed some of the news that will probably be incorporated by the company in the future product.

The first relevant information that Apple intends to launch the second generation of the watch in 2016. This would very likely indicate that the product update cycle will be even annual, as with some iPhones and iPads, due to the Edition models (which cost beautiful money), believed that these upgrades could happen more spaced, maybe even every two years. Apparently not so

Regarding possible hardware changes, Apple would be planning to put a camera on the clock so that users can make FaceTime calls on video. Plans would also include the incorporation of a more powerful and dynamic Wi-Fi chip, which allows the Watch to do more without the need for a paired iPhone.

Currently only a few functions of the watch can be used without the presence of the iPhone close by, such as exercises, payments via Apple Pay, reproduction of music stored in the watch itself, viewing of some photos also previously synchronized. With this new chip, things like sending messages, checking the weather, etc. they could also work perfectly without the iPhone around. In addition, this new chip will be able to inform the location of the watch (something important for a possible Search My Apple Watch feature) via network triangulation.

The watch battery is certainly a polemic point. But apparently Apple was satisfied with the advances it managed to make in the system. According to sources, consumers are ending the day with about 30-40% battery power and are not bothered to put the clock on to recharge every night.

Because of this, the idea for the second generation of Watch to increase resources and maintain / improve the battery a little. Do not wait, for example, for a watch that will stay on for two, three or more days. The very addition of Nightstand mode (which will arrive with watchOS 2) is proof that Apple continues to bet on the formula of recharging the device at night while the person sleeps she might as well have added a sleep monitoring feature with the current sensors present on Watch, but that would be nonsense considering that it has to be recharged every day and the best time for that at night.

We currently have three models: Apple Watch Sport (aluminum), Apple Watch (stainless steel) and Apple Watch Edition (18 carat gold). Speaking of price, there is a huge gap between steel and gold models, and Apple intends to explore this by creating a new model that would fit together there, with some options costing between $ 1,000 and $ 10,000. Some of the new materials that could be used in this new model would be titanium, tungsten, palladium or platinum.

Apart from what was said, what would you like to see in a second generation of the Apple watch?