Rumor: Samsung is working on a smartphone with a pop-up camera

Rumor: Samsung is working on a smartphone with a pop-up camera

Samsung has long been testing ways to hide the front camera of its smartphones. While it is not possible to embed it under the display, tecnolgic has opted for other solutions. In the A80, for example, the South Korean giant opted to develop a rotating camera that worked both forwards and backwards, but the next model of the brand may solve the problem in another way.

According to OnLeaks and Pigtou, Samsung's next device will have a pop-up camera. The portals published renderings of the smartphone and the images show us some similarities with the OnePlus 7 Pro and other equipment that adopted this same characteristic.

The biggest benefit of the pop-up camera, compared to mobile phones that have cameras on the display, is that it allows a screen without any interruption or frame, which in practice means that the smartphone can have a fully occupied front face the display.

There are still many details to discover, not least because Samsung has never confirmed the existence of this model. However, it is safe to say, based on the leaks, that it is a mid-range device, given the existence of a fingerprint sensor on the back of the smartphone (the latest models of the brand already have this sensor on the screen).

Based on the published images, we can also see that there is a set of three rear cameras and a screen with about 6.5 inches.

Given the lack of details, both official and in the leak, the launch is not expected in the near future. However, to point out Samsung's attempts to eliminate the front camera from the display, an exercise that is seen by the industry as one of the next obstacles to overcome.

The flagships of the biggest markets in the market have had the famous notch or, alternatively, a camera built into the small hole, made in the display. However, only a few brands are actively trying to develop technology that allows them to place the camera under the display, which would eliminate the disruption of the display or the mechanical and moving parts required by a pop-up camera.