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Rumor: public transport routes would be one of the new features of iOS 9 maps [atualizado]

When Apple abandoned Google Maps in favor of its map solution in house on iOS, she left one of his features in charge of third-party apps: public transport routes.

Last year there were indications that it would implement this on iOS 8, but as we know it has not moved forward. Now, with iOS 9 approaching, the 9to5Mac believes that Apple will finally turn the key.

Public transport routes on iOS 9

With this new feature, Apple Maps users will be able to obtain public transport routes (bus, metro or train) directly through the application interface. The screenshot above is not a ?leaked? version of iOS 9 or something like that, but according to sources it represents how the feature should work in practice.

All of this is certainly welcome, as long as it is not restricted to a few places, let alone the United States. It is past time for Apple to recognize that it is a global company and to work hard to really release news of this nature to everyone.

Maps indoor

Another possible novelty cited by 9to5Mac the implementation of maps indoor, another feature that Google already offers on its Maps.

The idea is to offer navigation even in closed environments, such as shopping malls, and Apple has in fact already acquired some companies like HopStop and Embark to help it with such a project.

On a related note, a few days ago Apple and TomTom renewed their partnership agreement.

Update · 05/26/2015 s 17:03

In a new article on the rumor just published, the 9to5Mac he throws a big bucket of cold water at those who hoped like us that the reach of this novelty would be great at first.

According to them, the public transport routes will reach iOS 9 supporting only San Francisco and New York in the United States, Toronto (Canada), three cities London, Paris and Berlin in Europe and some in China through the partner AutoNavi. Other "priorities" that would already be in the plans include Boston, Massachusetts and Tokyo.

That is, bad news for much of the world. The only one, however, that Apple would have developed a system to enable support for new cities over the air, without the need to update iOS itself. In addition, it will notify users when the resource is available in their regions.