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Rumor: Pinterest boarded Android train, Google I / O debut

Pinterest, home to cake recipes, fashion girls and weight loss tips, is landing on Android! Pose!! It is where fat women with cats and annoying husbands will look at beautiful gardens! Rumors are that Pinterest will be announced for Android during Google I / O in a few hours.

The app is already available for iOS, which makes us think it's just another example that Android is taking up space in the market. Ausdroid originally leaked the story about Pinterest for Android after finding in the official Google Developer Conference app an announcement that Pinterest was now available for Android! The company denies any announcement, but that didn't stop the rumor from going ahead, as tech rumor is worse than a grasshopper in the field.

Remember when Instagram was launched for Android? So imagine the revolution that Pinterest for Android can cause in the perfect world of social photo users. For those not yet familiar with Pinterest, I present a video clip that summarizes well what represents the opening of the Pinterest castle doors:

We look forward to Pinterest Pinterest being announced … or denied!