Homem usando controle remoto de Apple TV

Rumor: OS X 10.12 may integrate with iPhones / Apple Watches to facilitate unlocking Macs

Run around, it's been a long time, a rumor (obvious) that Apple may take the Touch ID to Macs. In the meantime it doesn’t happen if it does, the company is supposed to be working on a way to integrate its current devices in order to facilitate / streamline the unlocking of computers.

According to sources MacRumors, The macOS OS X 10.12 use connectivity Bluetooth LE to detect the proximity of iPhones and Apple Watches with Macs and allow them to be unlocked automatically or at most using the Touch ID of the smartphone itself.

The idea behind this is nothing new: we talked about the Knock app in late 2013, then a tweak for iPhones with jailbreak and recently we also highlighted the Brazilian FingerKey here on the website. These and other solutions of its kind would be basically wiped out, if that rumor about OS X 10.12 comes to fruition.

The novelty must also be related to another rumor that we commented a few weeks ago, about the Apple Pay go to work on Macs.