In addition to "iSlate", Apple would also have secretly registered the "Magic Slate" brand

Rumor of the day: Apple netbook / tablet could arrive in October for $ 800

The fantastic web: the staff of Gizmodo today found a topic in the forums of MacRumors in which any user translated an article into mandarin on Yahoo! that talks about a possible netbook / iTablet from Apple (whew!). The product was supposed to have a 9.7-inch screen and cost $ 800.

Again, if the rumor is confirmed, Apple shows that it does not enter a segment to fight in the low-end, in that relentless price war. In the netbook market of $ 500 or less, manufacturers like Acer and Asus are already confronting each other directly and have conquered a beautiful share of the market with machines without touchscreen technology.

Supposed Apple tablet

The supposed device will use capacitive screens from Wintek, but its production will also involve other companies in Taiwan, such as Foxconn and Dynapack. With the avalanche of similar rumors that has already surfaced in the past few months, I bet the thing is hot. only the size of the screen that worries me a little, after all, almost 10 inches would not make this supposed tablet there so portable.

Hopefully this machine will be the first to incorporate a chip from PA Semi and, who knows, maybe work as a mix of iPod touch with MacBook, offering titles for download / purchase in its own App Store or even the possibility to run the same ones in an independent resolution mode. Wouldn't it be a show?