[Rumor] Nintendo Switch powerhouse revealed

[Rumor] Nintendo Switch powerhouse revealed

Nintendo Switch não será compatível com discos do Wii U nem cartuchos do 3DS

A rumor seems to have confirmed the real graphics power of the Nintendo Switch. It won’t be more powerful than the current generation, but is it bad?

Since the Nintendo Switch little information about it has been announced to the public. Officially, we know that it will be a modular console, it will have a capacitive touch screen in 6.2 inches and HD resolution (1280 × 720) and will mark the return of the cartridges to the table consoles.

We had already advanced that the Switch would not have the same firepower as the current consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) and some leaked technical specifications may have revealed the real graphics capability of the console Nintendo.

According to the information, the console will use a modified version of the chip Tegra X1, gives Nvidia. This chip uses the Maxwell architecture, which equips video cards of the previous generation, such as the GTX 980, and has already been overtaken by the latest architecture of the company’s video cards: Pascal, which is present in the GTX 1080, for example.

According to a report on the Eurogamer website, the console has a difference in performance when it is in console mode (connected to the dock) and when it is in portable mode. The GPU (graphics processing unit) of the Switch operates at 307.2MHz when disconnected from the dock and when connected, it can run at 768MHz.

Also according to the report, the console’s CPU runs at 1020 MHz in both conditions and its RAM memory at 1331 or 1600 MHz depending on the situation.

Will the Nintendo Switch be bad because of this?

This information alone is enough for us to know that the Nintendo it will not be more powerful than the consoles already on the market. But for those who think this is terrible, know that Big N has always been a “step back” from its competitors in terms of “Graphic Quality”, and this has never been a problem for the company.

To get an idea of ​​what I’m talking about, the Nintendo Wii, which competed with the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, was the sales leader of his generation with 101.44 million units sold, even with a “lower chart”. His successor, Wii U, was not so successful in the battle against Xbox one and PS4 and it’s up to Switch to regain Big N’s place at the top of sales again.

I must say that at first the Nintendo Switch is already doing very well. His modular proposal was very well received and the news that he will run games from Nintendo Game Cube It could not have been better. You can play Super Smash Bros. Melee or Metroid Prime anywhere, in addition to the new games from super Mario and Legend of Zelda.

I’m sorry Sony and Microsoft, but no graphics are more important than being able to play super Mario wherever I am, just look at the success of Super Mario Run to see what I’m talking about …

THE Nintendo Switch it will be a tremendous success, as we know that Big N sells nostalgia in a way that only she knows. I hope the rumors about its price are true, as I can’t wait to have mine.

Source: extremetech

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