Rumor: new MacBooks Pro could be launched tomorrow, at the very beginning of Macworld 2010 [atualizado]

Usually a keynote with new product launches was what everyone would expect on a first day at Macworld, right? For even though it starts tomorrow, Apple won't be there.

Still, a rumor points to the arrival of new MacBooks Pro this Tuesday morning.

According to sources on the French website Nowhere Else, the “leak” of a benchmark MacBookPro6,1 this weekend was no accident: an anonymous informant would have guaranteed the arrival of a new line tomorrow, with new Intel chips faster than the current ones.

Two days ago, MacRumors He also commented that some resellers outside the United States would already be facing difficulties with low stocks of Ma's professional laptops.

If you still want more aspects to corroborate the rumor, take a look at the MacRumors Buyer’s Guide: the MacBooks Pro line was updated by Apple in June last year, at WWDC ’09 h 245 days (1, 2, 3).

According to historical data, the average between updates of 200 days is already well above that.

In the absence of an invitation to the press, the rumor could materialize with the novelty being published directly on the company's website (stay tuned on !).

At least Macworld participants will have one more topic to discuss this week …

(via Silicon Alley Insider)

Update (9/2)

It got really hot now:

If you zoom in on the image, you will see that it is a * deleted * MBP model from Best Buy's current inventory.

This may be a simple internal change or even an employee error, but this type of movement in the retail chain's inventory has been an indicator of Apple's releases in the past.

For now, everything is just a rumor and there are no details about Apple's alleged new laptops.