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Rumor: New MacBooks Air and Pro will be announced later this month (WWDC?)

News from the account that we will not see any new hardware in the WWDC 2016. This was first vented by Rene Ritche of the iMore.

For WWDC 2016, think primarily about software.

Since then, everything that has been said about WWDC really covers a lot more software aspects than possible releases. A comes the japons website Mac Otakara (which has a somewhat uncertain hit / miss history) and throws it all down the drain!

MacBook Air

According to "trusted" Chinese vendors, the site said Apple plans to announce new MacBooks Air and Pro in June. Now think with me: does it make sense for Ma to hold any other events this month, given that WWDC will take place between the 13th and 17th? I find it quite difficult to see a new event happening the following week WWDC, or even a week later. That being said, it would be much more plausible to see Apple announcing such products next Monday, which goes against the rumor that the event will focus solely on software.

But the contradictory news doesn't stop there. First, however, follow the reasoning.

With the release of the MacBook, it makes sense to imagine that the MacBook Air continues to sell today for only one reason: price. After all, the 12 ? MacBook brings the same concept as the MBA (a small, thin, lightweight, highly portable machine). Because Apple still can't sell it for $ 1,000 or less, it's interesting to let MacBooks Air sell to meet that demand. But the comes the Mac Otakara and says that at the same time as renewing the MacBook Air line, Apple plans to kill the 11 ? notebook by focusing on larger (13 ? and 15 ?) screens.

Here are two comments: 1. Unless the 13 ? model drops in price (currently the 11 ? is priced at $ 900 while the 13 ? comes out for $ 1,000), this strategy makes no sense precisely because it ends the machine differential; 2. Given that this ?focus on bigger screens (13 ? and 15 ?)? is specifically about MacBooks Air, does it make sense for Apple to release a 15 ? MBA at this point in the championship? And supposing we're talking about a 15 ? MacBook Pro, does it make sense to leave the Air line with only 13 ? models? This story is very, very confusing.

MacBook Pro OLED Concept

MacBook Pro OLED Concept

To top it off, the Japanese said that both the new MacBooks Air and the Pro will come equipped with USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 ports (which are exactly the same), leaving aside USB-A, Thunderbolt 2 and MagSafe. While the new MBAs would hit stores in August, nothing was said about the beginning of MBP sales.

Bottom line: Apple would launch new notebooks now and start selling only in August in the best of scenarios (ending sales of these machines for at least a month and a half).

It may happen? Of course. But I say: if this scenario is really real, it will be the most confusing line of notebooks Apple has ever had before it will present all this and continue to sell the blessed 13 inch MacBook Pro without Retina display, which remains the same since 2012!

The most cohesive notebook line, at least in this editor's opinion, would be: two MacBook options (12 ? and 14 ?) and two MacBooks Pro options (13 ? and 15 ?). Want portability? Goes from MacBook; Want a sturdier notebook, but still easy to carry? MacBook Pro your choice.