New MacBook Air performs 76% higher than the old, but loses to the 2018 iPad Pro

Rumor: new MacBook Air will be released next week

Who here remembers March 2019? That month, in a very short time, Apple launched several new products (iPad mini and Air, iMacs and Second generation AirPods). All of this without a special event, the devices were presented to the public through press releases.

At the time, the MacRumors had received information that proved to be partially correct: an anonymous source commented to them that Apple would launch iPads, iMacs and iPods, each product in one day ie the person spiked everything, just exchanged AirPods for iPods.

Now, the same person reported that Apple plans to launch new MacBooks Air next week; that is, it is quite possible that this actually happens.

As we know, new MacBooks (both Air and Pro) are expected in 2020. That's because Apple released a new keyboard with the 16-inch Pro model to fix the problems of the butterfly mechanism once and for all, and which today still equips the MacBooks Air and 13 ″ Pro.

The famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (he has a history of success beyond enviable) said recently that such products would arrive in the second quarter. Well, the second quarter starts in April, but a launch now in March also makes perfect sense as Apple has been launching products in the third month of the year for a long time.

If this happens, only the 13 ″ MacBook Pro will be left that can win a 14 ″ screen to be updated to get rid of the butterfly keyboard instead, which will certainly still give headaches to users and Apple itself for a long time.