iPhones with 512GB, dual-SIM and without Apple Pencil support; check out the latest predictions!

Rumor: new iPhones may arrive in black, white, gold, gray, blue, red and orange!

Ming-Chi Kuo, a world-renowned analyst at Apple, said he would “hit the brakes” after leaving KGI Securities and joining TF International Securities. But this is what we are seeing, as he continues to release precious information about Ma's future products.

Ready for more rumors hit the upcoming line of iPhones of 2018? So come on!


Kuo revealed that the “iPhone X Plus” (ie how to be called Ma's new smartphone with a 6.5 ″ screen) should be priced like the iPhones X are today, that is, starting at $ 1,000. This, in practice, means that the successor to the iPhone X would then reach the cheaper market; the iPhone with 6.1 ″ LCD, would have a price around US $ 700, leaving the line as a whole “more accessible”.


If you like options, you will like this news. Kuo informed that the new iPhones should be offered in several new colors, including black (space gray), white (silver) and gold (gold) which, it is worth remembering, was not released on the current iPhone X by an internal decision by Apple ( the device itself was created, but not released); j the iPhone with 6.1 ″ LCD can come in gray, white, blue, red and orange.

Colorful iPhones

For reference only, the 9to5Mac decided to paint some iPhones X to see how these colors would look in the current models. It is worth noting, however, that the iPhone 6.1 ", unlike the X, has everything to have a single rear camera.

The question remains whether the gray described by Kuo is the current space gray or whether it would be a new color. In addition, he did not say whether red would be the famous (PRODUCT) RED or if it would be a “common” version of the color. These possible new colors, in a way, refer to the iPhone 5c: a device a little more affordable with several color options. Does Apple intend to repeat the strategy?

Sales forecast

With a line made up of three new devices and all with a modern look, introduced with the iPhone X, Kuo believes that Apple will have a good sales cycle. In the analyst's opinion, the 6.1 ″ LCD model will be responsible for 55% of sales at launch, seeing its share grow even more in 2019. Still, he expects a very high demand for iPhones of 5, 8 ″ and 6.5 ″ right at the launch (after all, early-adopters never disappoint).

As such, Kuo said Apple should sell 70 million iPhones in the fourth quarter of 2018.