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Rumor: New iPhone SE with A13 chip will be launched in early 2020

Who follows the world Apple already knows that the analyst Ming Chi Kuo, from TF International Securities, has great sources in Apple's supply chain, which makes it a clear guess about the company's future releases. The ball of the time? A supposed new iPhone SE Ma will launch early next year that would be identified as iPhone12,8, in the words of Guilherme Rambo.

According to Kuo, the phone has the iPhone 8 chassis (4.7 inch screen and Touch ID); internally, however, we will have an A13 chip and 3GB of RAM ie we are talking about a device with very sturdy specifications that could even count on Night Mode and Deep fusion, as designer Ben Geskin recalled.

The analyst did not give information on the possible price even though he projected sales in 2020 of 30-40 million units, but that does not stop us from looking back and trying to figure it out, as Benjamin Mayo did.

When the first iPhone SE was released (16GB model), it sold for $ 400; when discontinued, its price was $ 350 (32GB model). J the iPhone 8 currently sells for $ 450 (64GB model). So d risk this new model would cost somewhere around $ 350-400.

Still according to Kuo, the main public of this supposed second generation of iPhone SE would be the owners of iPhones 6 (a base of 100 million users) who are not so keen to upgrade to the latest models, which rely on the iPhone. Face ID technology and multiple cameras. And since the iPhone 6 is not compatible with iOS 13, this could also be one more reason for such a public to choose this new breaking model, users would have access to services like Apple Arcade and Apple TV +.

An "iPhone SE 2" sized iPhone 8 has been appearing in iOS 13 references for some time, as far as I know. Sorry for all those who want a 4 ?phone.

If the information were confirmed early next year, it would be the "definitive death" of Apple's 4 "screen iPhones that screen size was used by the company on iPhones 5, 5s, 5c and SE, and was expected by some in this second generation of the model Special edition.

via 9to5Mac