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Rumor: New iMac will be released in October, accompanied by a new keyboard [atualizado]

When Apple decided to open its mouth on the future of the Mac Pro, it made it clear that both the line's most professional machine upgrade and a display that will be launched along with it will arrive only in 2018; new iMacsbut we'll see it later in 2017. And that's exactly what Pike from Pikes Universum, went on in his last article.

According to his sources, new iMacs will be released by Apple only in October. All those expected improvements will be there, according to Pike: better processors (Intel E3-1285 v6), 16GB ECC RAM (with 32GB and 64GB options), up to 2TB NVMe SSDs, AMD graphics chips capable of supporting virtual reality and apps as well as second generation Thunderbolt 3 / USB-C connectors.

But what you were probably wondering is: Will there be Touch Bar with Touch ID? According to Pike, the iMacs that will be launched in October will come with a new keyboard whether we are talking about the Touch ID Touch Bar or just a new keyboard with the second generation butterfly engine, just in time. 😝

Magic Keyboard Concept with Touch BarMagic Keyboard Concept with Touch Bar l Henrique Velloso

Pike also talked a bit about the Mac pro it's the display which will be released in 2018. According to their sources, Apple's future screen will have an 8K resolution (created primarily with Mac Pro in mind); Mac Pro already looks a bit more like a “standard” PC by adopting the next generation of EFI BIOS.

Finally, Pike released two pieces of information that also help us to verify the level of information from its sources in the future. The first one next macOS not have mountains or parks in the name and the future nomenclature begins with the letter "M"; j the second concerns the Mac mini and its size (which is no longer so "mini").

We'll see if Pike's fountains have this whole ball

(via MacRumors)

Update by Priscila Klopper · 4/18/2017 10:18 AM

To add some weight to this rumor, the DigiTimes said it had received confirmations from a supplier in Taiwan. The site that, while not having a perfect history of hits, can still collaborate with information says that the new server-level Intel Xeon E3-1285 v6 iMacs would be coming into production next month, being assembled by Quanta Computer. and released in the "second half" of the year. The models would remain 21.5 and 27 inches.

Alis, the site brings data that show that computers All-in-one as iMacs can sell basically 12 to 13 million units a year, which is little compared to the 250 million other types of computers sell. While sales continue to fall, maybe an update is what this market needs.

(via Cult of Mac)