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Rumor: new Apple TV with A12 chip could be presented next week

We are less than a week away from Apple’s September special event, which (it seems) will introduce the company’s new line of iPhones and show the world a new Apple Watch. But do you think Tim Cook and his gang would limit themselves to that? No, it seems not.

The Twitter account @never_released, which has several hits on code sharing and future Apple releases, made a post stating that Apple will launch an Apple TV update, with AppleTV11,1 identifier and code J305AP. According to the insider, the new model will be equipped with an A12 chip (or A12X, we don’t know) – a good upgrade over the current A10X chip that equips Apple TV 4K.

THE MacRumors, then, he went to the field and confirmed that both the AppleTV11.1 identifier and the J305AP code appear in the bowels of that internal version of iOS 13 that they got their hands on (and that has already yielded some discoveries). That is, the discovery is authentic, but that, by itself, does not mean that the new device will be presented next week.

Finally, the 9to5Mac entered history, with an article that was more analytical than informative. But their analysis is good: Apple has updated Apple TV every two years, so an update now in September would keep the wheel spinning and consumers happy. In addition, in the only new information brought by the story, the website stated that it received an anonymous tip indicating that the new Apple TV will come with a door HDMI 2.1 – which is great news for anyone who plays on the device.

The HDMI 2.1 protocol, for those on the outside, brings some improvements in preventing the dreaded lag, with a technology called Auto Low-Latency Mode which detects content that moves quickly so as not to give the impression that it is being delayed. It also features technologies for variable frame rate and lower latency in streaming content – all of this, of course, as long as you have a TV with the appropriate port, a device with that capacity and a compatible cable.

If Apple will really take advantage of next week’s event to publicize the official launch of the Apple Arcade, nothing makes more sense than launching a new Apple TV even more focused on games. So, let’s wait – the prospects are good.

Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K

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