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Rumor: new Apple TV is expected to cost "less than $ 200"

Yesterday we talked about many of the details that the new Apple TV be able to bring, but until then no one had concrete information about her price.

Mockup of the new Apple TVs

According to sources 9to5Mac, the product is expected to cost less than $ 200 when it hits the market in October. This for me is the same as saying that it costs $ 199, but the site talks about the possibility of $ 149.

Even in the United States, the amount well above what consumers are used to paying for set-top boxes like Apple TV. Apple's own box used to cost $ 99 l, but its price was reduced to $ 69 in March.

In Brazil, the official price of Apple TV has not changed: it costs R $ 359.10 per view (or R $ 399.00 in up to 12 times). If we imagine that the new one will even sell for US $ 199 l, don't expect it to arrive here for less than R $ 999.00.

Precisely because of this discrepancy in values, the 9to5Mac says that the current Apple TV (third generation) will remain online and that it will even receive a software update in the future to support the new service streaming that Apple is working on. It will not only have the other several new features of the new, including remote control with Siri and apps (SDK).

Fourth generation Apple TV is due to be announced at the September 9th special event.