Rumor: new Apple TV has a huge focus on games and Siri navigation

Rumors about the alleged new Apple TV they have everything, after all, next week set-top box it has everything to gain a long-awaited hardware / software update. Only in the last few days have we talked about what we can expect from the new device and, at least out there, the product shouldn't be that expensive (between $ 149 and $ 199). Because the 9to5Mac is back with some more information about the new product.

According to them, the new Apple TV will be very focused on games. We even commented that due to the new control (which should have physical buttons, touchpad and accelerometer), the A8 processor and the release of the SDK (software development kit, or software development kit), developers will be able to create incredible gaming experiences for this new platform. But apparently Apple wants to go further and should also support those Bluetooth controls that we are used to seeing around for iPads, iPhones and iPods touch.

Playing on an Apple TV

It will soon be possible to play like this using only the Apple TV controller

Other important information about the supposed new Apple TV control is that: 1. it will be powered by batteries (that is, it will not have a battery); 2. it communicate with the device via Bluetooth. Despite having sensors, do not expect to interact or browse the Apple TV using gestures as is the case with some smart TVs and Xbox (thanks to Kinect); on the other hand, imagine playing a car game and driving as if the control were the steering wheel of the car.

Navigating the new system was a task created with Siri and the touch sensitive surface of the controller (touchpad) in mind. In fact, sources on the website said it was possible to browse virtually every corner of Apple TV using voice commands and the built-in microphone on the remote.

To close some new hardware details, the new set-top box, as well as the new iPod touch, be equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi 802.11ac in order to improve power consumption, data speeds and signal reliability.

Excited for Wednesday (9/9)?

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