Rumor: MacBook Pro will soon receive “its biggest update in four years”

THE Bloomberg said today that “Apple is preparing the first major redesign of the line MacBook Pro in four years. ” The information was provided by sources engaged in the project (which, of course, preferred not to be identified).

In addition to the "confirmation" of a Touch ID (most likely next to the power button) and the OLED screen Above the keyboard whose relentless rumors have already been published, the sources also stated that the next model comes less bulky, thinner and without the curvature of the latest models of the MacBook Air and the 12-inch MacBook.

Other news would be a slightly larger trackpad and a much more robust processing capacity, catering to more advanced users like gamers. One source states that "Apple is using one of AMD's 'Polaris' graphics chips because it offers the power efficiency and thickness needed to fit inside a thinner notebook."

The new model would also feature the USB-C port, although the exact number of ports on it was not disclosed. Expected colors are space gray, gold and silver.

According to the sources, Apple has been testing the new model since the beginning of the year, but unfortunately it would not be already at this next Apple event in September that we will see the new MacBooks Pro coming up.