Rumor: low stocks of iMacs continue, and new models may arrive soon

Last week we said that major retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and J&R were running low (or none) on some iMac models. Today the Apple Bitch stated that the decline continues, only that they got more details about the lack of machines and they are interesting.

front and back iMacs

According to their sources, Amazon will only receive new machines (replenishment of inventory) in about two weeks. Today 8/30. Two weeks 14 days 9/13 oops, wait a minute! Day 12/9 is not * the day * when everyone is betting on an Apple event? Who knows, next to the new iPhone, Ma will not announce (or release silently) also new iMacs ?! exactly what they bet on.

Nothing about configurations has been said, only that they will most likely remain at the same prices which may (or may not) kill rumors of machines with Retina displays. The assumptions here are big, but taking into account that we are already exactly 485 days without updating the iMac line, it is not very difficult to believe in this possibility.

(via Macgasm)