Rumor: iTV prototypes would already be in the hands of Canadian operators; product would be controlled by gestures

Canada's largest newspaper in circulation, the The Globe and Mail said that Apple is looking for partners in the country to launch its newest project, "iTV".

Apple TV and Siri

Targeting companies with good wireless broadband capabilities, which could indicate that the content would be focused on the web (apps?), Leaving the shackles of stadiums and cable TV operators, the telecoms Rogers and BCE (Bell Canada Enterprises) were the chosen in the country and would already have prototypes of Ma's television in their laboratories.

Like the iPhone 4S, iTV would come with the virtual assistant Siri.

In addition, it would have an on-screen keyboard to browse the web, which could be evoked without needing any hardware, all controlled by gestures, without having to get off the couch.

All the information came from anonymous market sources and, obviously, no company wanted to comment.

the subject.

I just find it very strange that this information comes from Canada, and not from the United States, where Apple would have “greater control” of the process although, if any information leaked, it would be from somewhere that the control is not that good, like Canada.

But what is strange, even in this story, is that Apple will deliver, with a kiss, a prototype of what would be the great launch of the company after the Steve Jobs era, which, if it comes, will serve as a thermometer to measure the success of Tim Cook in front of Ma, you can be sure.

For these and other reasons, I find it almost impossible that someone outside the Apple dome has already put their hands on this product, if it really exists.

(via MacRumors)