iPhone recharging an Apple Watch

Rumor: “iPhone XI” will come with bilateral wireless charging and 18W USB-C charger

Good news for anyone looking to switch iPhone at the end of the year, when the new generation of Apple smartphones is launched!

iPhone recharging an Apple Watch

The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has great sources in the Apple production chain, had already commented on the possibility that the new iPhones come with a feature capable of recharging other devices (such as Apple Watch and AirPods) just by contact, supporting such products on the back of the phone – what we call bilateral wireless charging. The recently launched Samsung Galaxy S10, for example, has such a feature.

Today the Macotakara corroborated this information, stating that such a feature will reach even the iPhones of 2019 thanks to technology “Wireless PowerShare”, from Integrated Device Technology. Now we hope that the batteries of these iPhones are big / good enough to not only power the device, but also these other accessories / devices. ?

iPhone with 18W charger

The Japanese website also reported that the devices will continue to use the Lightning connector, but that the charger will become a 18W USB-C (as we have today on iPad Pro). The difference, of course, is the cable (which would be Lightning / USB-C instead of USB-C / USB-C). Fast charging (USB PD, from power delivery) would be possible thanks precisely to this new cable, which would have adopted the Lightning C94 connector.

It is worth noting that, in mid-February, the Macotakara had reported that the 2019 iPhones would retain the Lightning connector and the current 5W charger. So we will absorb all this information very carefully, even if this is the minimum expected for the new iPhones – a 5W charger no longer made sense in 2018, let alone in 2019…

via 9to5Mac