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Rumor: “iPhone 8” may hit stores months after the announcement; white front and Touch ID on the power button would be unlikely

I need to be frank: neither I, who get paid to follow all the news related to the Apple world day after day, and therefore I already have a certain practice in organizing my brain to archive the news in the most practical way, I am managing to follow the vicissitudes of the machine of rumors about the mythical “IPhone 8”. It is such speculation here, a source close to the subject there, an expert who belies a rumor there on the other side … so much that I honestly don’t see anyone else to believe in – except, of course, at Apple itself, in a few months.

However, if you are going to believe someone before the official announcement, the Japanese blog Macotakara it is a very promising option – our colleagues on the other side of the world do not usually give a point without a knot, with reliable sources and rumors almost always certain. And, after months without saying anything about the current state of affairs in the planning of the “iPhone 8”, they are back with a report that brings some very appetizing information.

Mockup / render of the black

According to the report, Apple will, as expected, present the “model premium”Alongside the likely“ iPhones 7s / 7s Plus ”at an event in September; this more expensive device, however, should take a few months before it hits stores – the publication cites that the launch could be for the first half of the first fiscal quarter of 2018, which starts at the end of October this year. In addition, there would be a great possibility that the initial sales period will be limited by inventories below demand.

Regarding the device itself, the website states that the “iPhone 8” * should not *, as several recent rumors have already fanned, bring an option with the white front – apparently, it would not even be possible to produce the device in this way, according to with the report (the reasons for this impossibility, however, have not been explained).

The possibility that Apple moves the Touch ID to the iPhone’s power button also seems unlikely, according to the Macotakara; the Japanese claim that the parts related to this component do not bring any special layer for sensors or the like, suggesting that the button will be, as usual, just a button, really. On the other hand, the site did not mention whether Apple will be able to capture the goose that laid the golden eggs and implement the biometric sensor under the screen, as we hope, or will have to move it to another less appropriate location (or even extinguish it). completely).

At least, the report reiterates that the next iPhone will actually bring a facial recognition system, which can complement – or even replace – the Touch ID.

Has anyone willing to change their bets or their brains also completely melted with so much speculation?

via MacRumors