iPhone vertical cameras

Rumor: “iPhone 7s” will have a 5-inch model with vertical cameras

To set fire to more speculation about the next iPhone models to be launched in 2017, the Japanese website MAC お 宝 鑑定 団 today published new information obtained from a supplier in Taiwan.

According to the Japanese website, the next iPhones (“7s” and “7s Plus”?) Will have a “middle brother”, who will have 5 inches and iSight Duo cameras, however vertically(!) instead of horizontally. The model would be a hybrid between the two, but the specifications are yet to be decided and disclosed.

iPhone vertical cameras

The news that Apple would bring a third size to share with 4.7 and 5.5 inches is not new; no matter where the sources obtain the information, this idea has already arisen and has also been “contradicted” several times.

Recently, the same website bet that the big news of 2017 would be the color red in the same aluminum housing as the current iPhones. However, other rumors suggest that the next devices will come completely in glass and with curved screens, that is, a very large overhaul.

The Japanese site has a good track record of success, but there are also several errors and, with several sources saying different things from the next models, it is difficult to know which ones are true or not.

But it makes me think about the name: what should it be, if that third size really arrives? “IPhone 7ss”? “IPhone 7SE”? Let the bets begin. ?

[via AppleInsider]