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Rumor: “iPhone 7” may abandon metallic housing and be waterproof

The iPhone 6s may have just been released, but in the Infinite Loop labs the iPhone 7 it has already been completed or is very close to it. Apple may even have a team starting to work on the iPhone 7s (yes, for 2017) but of course, the more distant the launch, the greater the secret about the product.

But rumors about next year's device have already started. We recently talked about the thickness of it, and today the Japanese site MACBlog treated a little (Google Translate) of its supposed housing.

According to them, Apple abandoned a metallic structure in the iPhone 7, but it is still unknown what material will be used. They also claim that the device will be waterproof (although the iPhones 6s / 6s Plus are already quite resistant, as we have seen in some tests) and dirt, in addition to having a completely flat LCD screen.

It is still too early to take any such information for granted, but rumors always generate good discussions about future possibilities. What would you like to see on iPhone 7? It’s not worth saying “a better battery”, because Apple just didn’t understand that this is what users want most

(via AppleInsider)