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Rumor: “iPhone 6s” will really have a rose gold color; screen will continue to be X-ion glass

With the confirmation of Apple's special event (which has everything to be the stage for the presentation of new iPhones and other products such as Apple TV and iPads, who knows), the sources of Mark Gurman (from 9to5Mac) are "confirming" several rumors that have been circulating around the country.

Now we talked about two of them: camera improvements and ?iPhone 6c?. Well now another probable good, commented even by Wall Street Journal, it was also confirmed: iPhones in pink.

Pink Gold iPhone Mockup

According to the sources, the most correct color / description in pink is yes gold rose (as in the Apple Watch Edition, but made of anodized aluminum instead of 18-carat gold, of course). Like the golden iPhone, the front of this new iPhone will be white, the space gray model will remain the only one with the black front.

It has also been said for some time that iPhones could gain a screen sapphire crystal. Because this time the iPhones 6s / 6s Plus will not continue using the same technology as the current ones on their screen (glass on X, exactly the same material present in current iPhones and Apple Watch Sport).

To complete the wave of novelties, whoever has an Apple Watch must have played with the Movement dial, which shows a butterfly flying, a jellyfish swimming or a flower opening. Because Apple plans to take that same concept of animated wallpapers to iOS 9 of the new iPhones, which will range from fish swimming to smokes of colored powder (we have already seen the static images of the latter here).

According to these sources, one of the animated fish is the koi (brocade carp).

IPhone 6s alleged packaging

Because it is circulating in the internets (everything started on the Chinese site a supposed image that would be the case for the new iPhones. It appeared yesterday and generated a lot of suspicion from everyone, but this carp as the device's screen background can be a good indication that we are facing something genuine.

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