Rumor: “iPhone 6s” front camera (FaceTime HD) will have 5 megapixels

Rumor: “iPhone 6s” front camera (FaceTime HD) will have 5 megapixels

We always hit the button that analyst there is a reliable source of information about products not yet released by Apple. But there is an exception in this scenario: Ming-Chi Kuo, from KGI Securities, has great sources in the company's production chain and usually gets many things right in its notes for investors.

IPhone 6/6 Plus FaceTime HD camera

This time, in addition to reinforcing the information we already released (that the new iPhones will continue with the same current capacities 16GB, 64GB and 128GB, they will have the same Force Touch technology, they will have a new pink gold color and they will have an even better Touch ID), Kuo revealed that the front camera (FaceTime HD) of appliances having 5 megapixels.

Last week we reported that, according to sources in the 9to5Mac, the cameras of the new iPhones should gain good improvements. Still, the exact amount of megapixels of the FaceTime HD camera has yet to be revealed. If Kuo is right, Apple will definitely join the war of selfies, a terrain that until then had been kind of ignored by her since FaceTime HD had not yet received the affection it deserves.

Let the special event come!