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Rumor: “iPhone 6s” cameras will get a nice upgrade (12MP, 4K videos, front flash, etc.)

The rumor is nothing new, but now it has really been revealed in all its splendor by 9to5Mac. We already mentioned here that the rear camera (iSight) of the future iPhone could have 12 megapixels and that iOS 9 codes indicated the presence of flash on the front camera (FaceTime).

First impressions of iPhones 6

Now, sources from Mark Gurman (who have already shown themselves to be reliable) have revealed that Apple will implement even a larger photographic sensor on the iPhone 6s, capable of capturing images with 12 megapixels, and that, due to an image signal processor improved built into the A9 chip, photos will not be optimized and their quality will not be reduced. But it doesn't end.

If you ever wanted to shoot something with your iPhone in native 4K resolution, know that with this new iSight, Apple does plan to allow video capture in absurd 38402160 pixels (something that some competitor devices already offer, good to make clear) . With more and more 4K TVs hitting the market without counting the 27 ? iMac with Retina 5K screen and a possible new 21.5 ? iMac with Retina 4K screen, Apple has everything to offer this option to users. And there's more!

If you love to take selfies, this is probably the best news! Although the sources did not reveal exactly what to change in the front camera, they categorically stated that FaceTime HD (as the front camera is known) will receive ?significant improvements? and that it does have a flash. Unlike what we are used to iSight, however, the solution that Apple uses is basically the same as what we are used to on the Mac.

When taking a photo with the Photo Booth app, the computer screen itself turns white and emits light to brighten the environment, helping to capture the image. For on iPhone 6s exactly what happens: when taking a picture, the screen will ?blink? to help illuminate this beautiful face that God gave you. In addition, Ma also intends to implement panoramic photos and videos in slow motion (Slo-Mo 720p) on the FaceTime camera.

Will it be that with these features we will finally have a decent front camera, which fights on equal terms with those of competing devices? This was undoubtedly one of the iPhone's weaknesses.

Let this special event come soon!