Apple documentation confirms use of same graphics technology as iPhone on iPad

Rumor: iPhone 3GS uses PowerVR SGX chipset more powerful than Palm Pre

Even with very similar components, several comparative tests between the iPhone 3GS and the Palm Pre have placed the Apple smartphone with a noticeably superior advantage over its competitor. Ma's mobile phone has this advantage because the company chose a more powerful processor and graphic chipset than those used in the construction of the Pre.

Imagination Technologies PowerVR SGX architecture diagramImagination Technologies PowerVR SGX architecture diagram

It is known that the Palm smartphone uses the PowerVR SGX 530, a graphics processor created specifically for handhelds. So far, the AnandTech believed that the iPhone 3GS had the PowerVR SGX 520, an inferior model. As you can see below, Imagination Technologies has created a very wide range for its chipsets:

SGX520 (7MPolys / s, 250Mpx / s) for the handheld mobile marketSGX530 / 1 (14MPolys / s) for the handheld mobile marketSGX535 and SGX540 (28MPolys / s) for handheld high end mobile, portable, MID, UMPC, consumer, and automotive devicesSGX540 (1000M pix / s, 20-35MPolys / s)SGX545SGX555

But, apparently, Apple used a more powerful model of the PowerVR SGX, which would explain the superior performance compared to the Palm Pre. Developers found extensions with the name IMGSGX535GLDriver, which would indicate that the chipset actually used the model built for devices "High end".

Although this reference is not conclusive evidence, developers commented in the post AnandTech stating that engineers from Apple themselves would have said, during WWDC ’09, that the iPhone actually uses the PowerVR SGX 535.

(Via: MacRumors.)