Rumor: Intel is developing Ivy Bridge processor more energy efficient

One of the main reasons for the adoption of Intel chips by tablets is small is the high power consumption of their processors. In order to change this situation, Intel would be developing a more energy-efficient version of Ivy Bridge, a chip present in recent Macs.

According to an anonymous source from CNET News, the processor manufacturer considerably cut their energy consumption. Currently, the most efficient version of this chip, used in MacBooks Air and other portable computers, requires 12 watts of power.

iFixit - 13-inch MacBook Air

Interior of a 13-inch MacBook Air. Credit: iFixit.

By decreasing the amount of energy it consumes, computers could become even thinner, since the component battery that occupies the largest space in notebooks could be smaller.

Without further information, such as the release date of the new version of the processor, we can only wait for the news that should not arrive this year.