Rumor: Intel and NVIDIA want to give peace a chance; MacBooks with Core i chips could become reality

In the midst of exchanges of accusations and tabeos between Intel and NVIDIA who ended up really suffering were us, Mac users. Thus, information obtained by BusinessWeek I can help brighten the day and bring prospects for a better future.

NVIDIA and Intel logos

According to anonymous sources, the two companies would be secretly negotiating terms to resolve this issue and thus allow NVIDIA integrated graphics to be used with Core iX processors and that Intel can continue to use patents from the GPU manufacturer.

If these negotiations are successful, the next update of the MacBooks (whites, Airs and 13 ″ Pros) may finally (finally!) follow the light to abandon that Core 2 Duo housing already beaten and beaten, rising from an existence already criticized and frowned upon, to another of powerful graphics, speed of processing and energy efficiency in the level of the rest of the industry.

(via Electronist)