Samsung's flexible curved OLED screen

Rumor: in three years, iPhones will have curved screens and controls by touchless gestures

If you were slightly missing the constant rumors about the next iPhones, don’t worry, as this news will serve you well.

According to Mark Gurman, writing for Bloomberg, Apple is preparing new things regarding the design of the next generations of iPhones. The first change would be a curved screen and the second, which has more to do with usability, may end up bringing significant changes to the hardware: gesture control, no touch.

Apple is working on gesture control, without touch, and curved screens for future iPhones, projects that can help the company differentiate its most important product in an increasingly crowded market.

One of the rumors we have seen most about new devices is in relation to their screens. What it will be, specifically, we don’t know, but there are several rumors out there like that Apple would be working in partnership with LG to have “foldable” screens.

Corroborating part of this news, sources from Bloomberg stated that the Apple would be working on a type of screen that “gradually curves inwards, from top to bottom”. This would set it apart from rival Samsung devices, which, for now, only have smartphones with screens curving down and sideways. This change, however, would reach users only two or three years from now.

Samsung's flexible curved OLED screenFlexible screen presented by Samsung

The great news of today’s publication, however, is in relation to such “gestures” to control the device without the need for touch. According to sources at Bloomberg, the touchless control feature is basically a gesture system which would allow users to navigate iOS “by moving your finger near the screen without actually touching it”.

Although it seems strange, these gestures will not be like Movements and Gestures (“Air Gestures”) from Samsung, which use sensors to define an action; in fact, Apple would be thinking of a technology actually present on the screen (not sensors above it), where the fingers would need to stay very close but not touching. The forecast is that Apple will be able to create something advanced for this technology in about two years.

In addition to talking about these two new aspects of the devices, Gurman reaffirmed many of the rumors that we have heard out there, such as the intention of having two new devices in the mold of the iPhone X, one with the 6.5 inch OLED screen and the other smaller and more accessible, with an LCD.

Whatever the news, the Apple will certainly have an audience for that and we will be here, covering everything up close. ?

via 9to5Mac