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Rumor: in addition to the new “golden” iPhone, Apple may also launch a graphite model

Sonny Dickson is a guy who has good contacts in Asia. He has repeatedly shown alleged “iPhone 5C” cases (aka “Low-cost iPhone”), for example and apparently, they are true.

Today, however, he decided to surprise and released images of a supposed “iPhone 5S” graphite / gray. Yes, another new color! It seems that Apple will even launch a gold / champagne “iPhone 5S”. On Air, our weekly podcast, but that graffiti / gray nobody has heard of until now.

IPhone 5S Graphite / Gray Case

We can analyze this “leak” in two ways. Let's go:

Yes, Apple released a graphite / gray iPhone 5S!

I don't know what you think, but for me, it even makes sense to have a grid of four colors, two predominantly white and two black. Launching only the new golden / champagne color, we will have two devices using white housings against only one black.

IPhone 5S Graphite / Gray Case

Thinking like that, this "new color" makes sense, doesn't it?

No, this is just a prototype!

What are the chances that this gray carcass is just a prototype, a color test done by the company or even a fake (Chinese) carcass? Huge!

IPhone 5S Graphite / Gray Case

The only thing that weighs against this is that Dickson has a good history of such leaks and is known to have good contacts in Asia. However, how Apple would have managed to keep this color secret until now unexplained.

If you want to see more details of this graphite / gray housing, check here.

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What about, this graphite / gray “iPhone 5S” being released by Apple? Place your bets!

(via iClarified)