In 2017 alone, Google will pay an alleged $ 3 billion to Apple to remain the default iOS search engine

Rumor: Google is developing an iOS keyboard focused on search

Based on statements from its own sources, the The Verge reported today that the Google would be developing a iOS keyboard fully search-centric. Also according to the website, the keyboard has been in development for months, but it still doesn't have a specific date to be released.

In addition to gesture typing (something that several third-party keyboards already offer, such as the SwiftKey Keyboard), the keyboard would have a Google logo that, when touched, would bring the company's traditional search. There would also be dedicated boats to search for photos and GIFs.

Although the company has a monopoly in terms of searches, the scenario in the mobile world is very different from the desktop (much less profitable). The idea, then, is to make it easier and easier to perform searches in order to show more ads and reduce this distance.

It remains to be seen whether users are even willing to use a Google keyboard. Although it is a category that is almost part of the App Store, the third party keyboards made a lot of noise when they were released but little by little they were ostracized and it is very difficult to see someone using one of these as iOS standard.

The common user always ends up opting for the system standard, even for reasons of stability and access to resources such as the Siri Dictation.