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Rumor: Future Macs may adopt chip that will begin to take over Intel main processor functions

With the incredible annual advance of the series chips THE Apple, which has been equipping iPhones and iPads since 2010 (the first was the A4, the original iPad and the iPhone 4 and then going to the fourth generation iPod touch and the second generation Apple TV), there is already some speculation. that the company may be adopting its own processors on Macs and kicking Intel.

For it seems that later this year we will see the first fruits of this happening. Or they may have already started with the newly launched MacBooks Pro, whose Touch Bar managed by the new chip. T1. According to Bloomberg, Apple has even bigger plans for 2017.

Vehicle sources indicate that future MacBooks Pro scheduled for this year may incorporate a new Apple chip (internally called ?T310? and built on ARM architecture) that will take on more responsibilities than Touch Bar, probably focusing on the existing feature. Power nap Macs that perform certain tasks (such as receiving emails, synchronizing calendars, and installing some software updates) even with the computer at rest, making very low power use. And energy efficiency is something that Apple has been focusing primarily on since the A4, as all these chips are precisely battery-intensive devices with huge touchscreens.

An alleged complete abandonment of Intel would not yet be in Apple's short-term plans, but it is perfectly possible given the recent advances in its chips and the evolution of manufacturing capabilities of partners such as Samsung and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC).

If Apple will even abandon Intel in the future, only time will tell. But the good thing about all these rumors is that Azulinha is certainly working hard not to lose this partnership, and possible advances in their chips, if they keep equipping Macs, also tend to benefit us as users.