Rumor: first Ivy Bridge processors and chipsets will arrive on April 8

According to information obtained by the DigiTimes (information that I hope will be more reliable than the bald spot on an Apple television), Intel would be planning to launch 25 different models of chipsets and Ivy Bridge processors (17 for desktops and 8 for notebooks) on April 8.

MacBooks Air with Ivy Bridge

Of these, the Core i7 3820QM and 3720QM processors are good candidates for appearing on 15 and 17 inch MacBooks Pro, while only the Core i7 3667U and i5 3427U, expected in May, would be usable on MacBooks Air.

It is harder to try to correlate other chips to certain models of Macs, and it is possible that the updates of Ma desktops will be for later.

The arrival of new processors in early April beats the possibility of a MacBook To go 15 inches to be launched in the second quarter, probably with speed bumps for other notebook models.

(via MacRumors)