Rumor: Apple will introduce three new iPhones in 2017, including a special curved screen model

Rumor fanned by John Gruber points to iPhone with borderless screen and integrated Touch ID in 2017

Rumors of a iPhone with an “infinite” screen, without borders and incorporating the Incio button (Home) underneath it exist in spurts since the world or better world, since the iPhone the iPhone, however much it is the same thing. We have already published a multitude of such concepts, like the one shown below, from DeepMind.

Concept of

One thing, however, is speculations without a head or head and concepts whose last concerns are the laws of engineering and usability. Another, and very different, when a respected name in the world of technology claims to have heard such rumors and that’s exactly what John Gruber did today.

In your podcast The Talk Show, Gruber claimed to have heard “gossip” about this apparent revolution in iPhone design but only next year.

What I heard is not really a rumor, more gossip than I heard that the 2017 model will have a totally new format. () They will completely remove the "chin" and "forehead" from the phone. The Touch ID is somehow integrated into the screen. The front camera too. The speaker, everything. All sensors will be hidden behind the screen. What I don't know if that means reducing the devices to preserve the size of the screens or increasing the screens to preserve the size of the devices.

All this speculation finds a hint of credibility when we consider that Apple is planning to adopt flexible OLED screens in future smartphone models. The speculated future 5.8-inch model, therefore, would be the result of this new design philosophy, preserving the current size of the iPhone 6s Plus, and stretching the screen to the ends of the front face.

These speculations also lead to the already popular suspicion that this year's iPhone would not have significant changes. It is impossible to say whether Apple would break its sequence of “s” models, but if these rumors are true, it is possible that we will jump from iPhone 7 directly to iPhone 8. Or maybe 2016 will book us an iPhone 6ss. Who knows, n

(via MacRumors)