Apple sues due to dual camera system of iPhones 7 Plus and 8 Plus

Rumor: dual camera system should remain exclusive to the Plus model in 2017

The iPhones 7/7 Plus were announced a few days ago and haven't even reached consumers' hands, but the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities no para. And he proved this year, once again, that one of the few he deserves to hear, having hit several rumors about the devices.

Kuo said yesterday, in a note obtained by MacRumors, that dual camera system of the iPhone 7 Plus remain a differential of the 5.5-inch model in 2017.

Remember that the Plus camera has always been better than the smaller iPhone. On the iPhone 6 and 6s, the difference was the optical stabilization that has now reached the iPhone 7 (4.7 inches). Therefore, we can imagine that this dual system will only reach the smaller model in 2018 (when the Plus would gain some other new differential). But that's just a hunch.

In addition to maintaining this differential, next year Apple should equip the Plus telephoto lens precisely with optical stabilization that for now exists only in the wide angle lens. We will need to do various tests when we put our hands on the iPhone 7 Plus, to see if the absence of this culminates, for example, in more blurred photos taken with the telephoto lens.

The issue can be seen both as a physical / technical limitation (the iPhone 7 would even support the dual system, but it would occupy a space that today may be fundamental for the battery, for example) and as an Apple marketing strategy. Those who see value in this will probably choose to pay more for the Plus model.

This one who writes you is exactly in this dilemma: for the first time, I am strongly considering getting an iPhone 7 Plus for myself. Not only for the dual camera system, but also for the large battery of the larger model's ping-pong racket.