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Rumor: Case for the new iPad Pro with Face ID shows an unknown cutout

The latest rumor covering Apple's line of professional tablets said that, instead of a 10.5 ? screen, we?ll have an 11 ? screen (a change almost invisible to the average consumer). Before that, however, a rumor beyond doubtful said that the Smart Connector (that connector responsible for enabling accessories like the Smart Case) would change places, leaving the side of the iPad to the bottom, next to the Lightning door.

Why is that doubtful? Well, if so, unless Apple does some magic, the iPad Pro would be used vertically with its keyboard cover, which makes little sense. is it possible? Yes, after all, Apple just needs to change the design of its accessory to keep it working horizontally. But let's agree that a hassle for everything to continue as it is today.

Supposed case for iPad Pro 2018

Although doubtful, today alleged photos of a case for the future iPad Pro. They came from Slashleaks and also show cutouts for the camera, the volume buttons, the Smart Connector (which, interestingly enough, would change sides) and a possible microphone, a new hole (quite large, by the way) for something that does not exist on iPads today. Notice that this new cutout is on top of the Lightning door, exactly where the Smart Connector would move, according to the previous rumor.

Supposed case for iPad Pro 2018

And that would be explained by the fact that Face ID currently works only vertically. Thus, Apple would have to offer a way for the iPad to be used vertically with accessories / keyboards for the device to be unlocked in a good way. This theory, however, does not make much sense since Face ID on the iPad (and the next generation of iPhones) should work in any orientation. So, let's go to a second possibility.

I just put my hands on a supposed iPad Pro 2018 CAD showing an unknown thing located on the back of the NB tablet: I can't confirm the accuracy of the CAD that I share for discussion purposes just because of this strange and yet inexplicable detail ?

In July, Steve ?OnLeaks? H. (famous for leaking several devices before the launch) published the CAD above showing a ?button? or something similar until then unknown on the back of the iPad. And, if we look at the shape of the cutout of the case that emerged today, we see that they match. But what would that be? Theories involve some new magnetic contact for accessories (to be used vertically, in some specific cases), a contact for wireless / induction charging, etc.

As always, we will only know the truth when Tim Cook and company decide to present the new iPads with something that may or may not happen at the same event as the iPhone / Apple Watch, although they are most likely to stay in October. We'll see.

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