Rumor: Apple's augmented reality device will have “rOS” and could reach 2020 [atualizado: mais um indício]

Following yesterday's rumors (7/11) about an Apple partner company that would be starting to manufacture parts for an augmented reality device, the Bloomberg reported today that Ma really would be working on a AR device that can be launched in 2020.

According to anonymous sources, Apple's device will have its own screen, a new chip similar to the Apple Watch S1, and its own operating system, known internally as “ROS” (reality operating system) possibly another branch of iOS, as with tvOS and watchOS. One of the directors responsible for “rOS” would be Geoff Stahl, a former manager of gaming and graphics software at Ma.

Regarding how the device will be controlled, the company is not yet decided, but several options would already be in testing including touch screens, voice activation via Siri and head gestures. To perform these internal tests, employees would be using a headset HTC Vive looks similar to the Samsung Gear VR, using an iPhone as a screen and other hardware. Under the hood, the project was codenamed T288 and his team would be the same one that worked with ARKit.

In fact, we've heard a lot of Apple Glass rumors and even Tim Cook himself has not denied the possibility of the company working on one, noting that “Apple will only launch something if it thinks it can do it in a way that has good quality technology in that area would still take "a few years".

The plans already seem to be well founded and the Bloomberg He also stated that the goal is that the technology should be ready by 2019, so that the glasses will be officially launched by 2020.

If really Ma is preparing a headset augmented reality, which is quite likely, considering all the rumors, it was very smart of her to release ARKit, get developers to do their apps and new technology experiments, and in the future to unveil a device that can take that much more. beyond

Update by Bruno Santana 11/14/2017 s 18:50

Do you want another clue that Apple is, yes, stirring chopsticks to launch an augmented reality device in the not too distant future? Here's it: A longtime partner from Cupertino has revealed that she's working on it without specifying for whom just like Inventec did yesterday and put the possibility of a Home ID with Face ID on the wheel.

The lingaruda of the time, as stated by Nikkei, The Quanta computer, one of Apple Watch's top automakers. Your vicechairman, C.C. Leung, said at the company's latest earnings conference that its engineers are committed to building a device, described as a “headset with a fully transparent lens that allows users to see and interact with the environment. ”

According to the executive, such a device would reach the market "no later than 2019". Ma, being one of Quanta's most prominent customers, obviously becomes the # 1 suspect among the mysterious companies behind the mission.

, all parts are fitting

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