How to use Apple Watch as your Apple TV remote control

Rumor: Apple's Answer to Amazon Echo Could Be a New Generation of Apple TV

The day before yesterday, there was a very hot rumor that Apple could launch at WWDC 2016 an SDK for the Crab and would also be working on a kind of speaker with the built-in assistant, there Amazon Echo and the newly announced Google Home.

For today, citing his own sources, the VentureBeat revealed that this device may actually be a new generation of its own Apple tv. Obviously, it would expand on its current capabilities by earning microphones (in the same plural as in iGadgets to reduce ambient noise) and speakers.

The news makes a lot of sense from the point of view that Apple TV is already a well-established device that has received huge investments from Apple. In addition, Siri is already built into it and working very well within the currently supported languages. That would also make Ma's offer quite different from the two competitors mentioned above.

It has long been discussed that Apple TV could become a kind of hub to the connected house (HomeKit is already between us), and this rumor is even more fueled by the fire. On the other hand, it seems a little strange to have this speaker fixed to where Apple TV is connected to television. We'll see what's next for