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Rumor: Apple would be willing to profit less from apps that offer music, video or news subscriptions

Since the App Store was opened in 2008, Apple works on a clear and simple profit sharing model: 70% stays with the developer, 30% with it.

This in general works very well, but not in all cases. Among the most affected are apps that offer built-in subscriptions, whether music, video or news. For example: Spotify receives $ 10 for each subscription made through its website, but when that same subscription purchased by your iOS app, Apple gets $ 3. Roughly speaking, that.

For sources of Financial Times now they say that Apple would be willing to make this issue more flexible, both to enable the deals of developers who provide subscriptions to the App Store and to please regulatory bodies that turn and move are concerned with the control that Apple seeks to exercise over creators / content providers .

The ideal for many of these developers would be a 95/5 model, but the rumor does not make it clear whether Apple would be willing to make it that flexible.

Independent developers

The 70/30 division works very well for app developers in general (unsigned), but there are those who think it can be improved.

Jeff Hunter, co-founder of AnyList, proposed in February that Apple make a divisive proportion of the app's sales. The smaller they are, the less Apple will snap.

Hunter's idea to make it possible for more and more people to be able to work fully developing for Apple platforms.

(via VentureBeat)