Samsung's flexible curved OLED screen

Rumor: Apple working on iPhone with foldable OLED screen in partnership with LG

In terms of the screen, the iPhone X is the second significant evolution of Apple in the ten years manufacturing smartphones – the first, of course, was the jump to the Retina screen on the iPhone 4. The first OLED panel on an Apple phone is also the company’s first to adopt the design borderless which seems to be the new trend of the mobile world (with or without controversial cut, that is).

If you think, however, that it means that we will spend a few more good years without an evolution in the displays used by the company, well … maybe it is recommended to revise your expectations – at least according to this new rumor brought by the The Investor.

Samsung's flexible curved OLED screenFlexible screen presented by Samsung

According to the newspaper, which cites anonymous sources, Apple is starting to work on a future iPhone project, possibly launched in 2020, with a foldable OLED screen. Apple’s partner in the venture would not be Samsung, which is in charge of producing the OLED panels of the iPhone X, but LG.

Around South Korea, LG would have created a veritable “task force” to develop the folding screen and secure the future of the partnership with Apple; in turn, the LG Innotex subsidiary, responsible for electronics parts, would be in charge of developing a flexible logic board – there is no sense, after all, in developing a folding screen if the rest of the components are not equally flexible. If the South Korean’s research is fruitful, it is said that Apple would make an appetizing $ 2.7 billion investment in the company for a long-term partnership.

But why would Apple have abandoned Samsung in this ambitious endeavor? According to the newspaper’s sources, the reason is very simple: competition. THE Sammy today, it basically has the world monopoly on OLED panel production and, it is said, plans to present its first flexible phone as early as next year. Apple, on the other hand, does not intend to share the secrets of a technology still in such early stages of development with its most formidable competitor.

So, are we a few years away from seeing a foldable iPhone? I, in particular, cannot imagine many benefits in such a feature – perhaps it is just my inability, however. Guesses?

via Cult of Mac