Rumor: Apple will use Samsung's Super PLS technology on the iPad 2 display

The iPhone 4 and the first generation iPad use magic technology in their displays: In-Plane Switching, or IPS, which makes color reproduction perfect, even at extreme angles.

What is the practical benefit of this? Ask anyone who has an iPod touch.

S IPS LCD screens may have their days numbered, if a rumor published by The Korea Herald is hot: Apple can use screens Super Plane to Line Switching (Super PLS) from Samsung on iPad 2.

PLS display

How does that make your life better? In some things, such as in brightness the new screens of the Sammy they are up to 10% brighter than IPS displays and can cost 15% less.

Not to mention that the Korean model in the image above looks much more satisfied with the photo on the right, which suffers less deviation towards blue and offers greater color fidelity.

It remains in the air, however, if the supposed iPad 2 screen found at the beginning of the month has this same technology: it was manufactured by LG Phillips.

In one way or another, Apple has always been a bit promiscuous with its suppliers, so nothing prevents the LCD of the next generation of the tablet from being manufactured by more than one company using Samsung technology, which would explain the higher price found some years ago.

weeks (I think it adds the manufacturing cost to the royalties gives Sammy).

But don't even dream of a Retina display on your tablet, at least not now.

(via 9 to 5 Mac)