Rumor: new 4-inch model will actually be called “iPhone SE” instead of “iPhone 5se”

Rumor: Apple will soon launch the “iPhone 5se”, an enhanced version of the current 5s

The rumor of a "IPhone 6c" 4-inch screen has been around for a while. The latest information showed that it would be a “miniature” version of the current line, maintaining the same design and basically the same internal components (with some exceptions, including pressure sensitive screen, among other things) and that it could be launched in a event in March. But the 9to5Mac (which has great sources within Apple) has now stated that

iPhones side by side

According to them, Apple is even planning to launch a new iPhone in March (with sales likely in April), but his name will be “IPhone 5se” (codename N69)! Internally, this nomenclature would have two explanations: the first would be “Special edition” (“Special edition”); the second would be a 5s "Enhanced" (“Enhanced”).

In other words, we are not facing a smaller version of the iPhone 6s, but an improved version of the 5s. This means that the supposed new device will keep most of the 5s look / design, but gain significant internal improvements coming from the iPhone 6, such as 8MP rear camera and 1.2MP front camera, larger panoramic photos and video autofocus, barometer, NFC chip (near field communication, or communication by proximity field) for Apple Pay, A8 / M8 processor, Bluetooth 4.2, etc.

Interestingly, some things this new device inherit, yes, from the iPhone 6s, such as glass with curved edges, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, possibility to take Live Photos and the four color options currently available (space gray, silver, gold and pink gold). Obviously, with the arrival of this device the iPhone 5s would be discontinued.

I don't know about you, but I would much rather see Apple launching an iPhone 6s with a 4-inch screen, keeping the line with three size options. Simple and straightforward.

Apple Watch and iPad Air

On a related note, the same 9to5Mac said that Apple intends to launch new colors of bracelets in March. The company also plans to launch wristbands of entirely new materials, as well as expanding the partnership it has today with Herms as well as releasing watchOS 2.2, which is currently in the testing phase.

There is also the expectation of the arrival of the iPad Air 3, which has been in development since November according to a major developer at Apple.

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The event in March (which may happen in the week of the 14th) should only happen even if Apple manages to announce these three news (“iPhone 5se”, news in the line of Apple Watch and iPad Air 3). If by chance the tablet is not ready in time, for example, Apple could opt for an announcement of the news on its own website.

For now we will not see new features in the hardware of the watch (its second generation), which should arrive even later in the year (probably in September, according to the sources) as it had been commented a few days ago.