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Rumor: Apple will open its third Brazilian store in Porto Maravilha (Rio de Janeiro)

Apple currently has two stores in Brazil, one in Rio de Janeiro (at VillageMall) and one in So Paulo (at MorumbiShopping). Rumors about the opening of new stores, precisely in these two cities, are not news.

In So Paulo what we heard a long time ago was that the second store in the city would be on Avenida Paulista; in Rio de Janeiro, the new store would be located in Porto Maravilha (a place that is undergoing a major revitalization).

Museum of Tomorrow, in the Porturia ZoneMuseum of Tomorrow, in the Porturia Zone; image: Wikipedia

Today, Maurcio Lima (from Online Radar, from VEJA) published that Apple really opened a new store in Porto Maravilha and that the decision was made due to the huge flow of tourists that passes there.

Nothing more was said about the subject (such as, beginning of works, deadline for opening, among other things). But nice to know that we will have more stores opening in Brazil. On the bad side, seeing a new store arriving in a city that already has one; on the other hand, it is undeniable that Rio de Janeiro needs more Ma stores, both due to the deficit of service at Apple VillageMall and the geography of the city (the current store in Barra da Tijuca, for example, is about 30km away from Porto Maravilha ).

Let more and more stores come!