Rumor: Apple will launch two new AirPods models this year [atualizado]

THE leaker Jon Prosser has the whole rope!

He recently said that the “IPhone 9” would be released on April 15 – confronting the information from the 9to5Mac that it would be released last Friday, something that obviously did not happen, and that it will be called “iPhone SE”.

Well now, after releasing a tweet unpretentious saying that new headphones would be launched at WWDC 2020, he gave more details on the subject. And the details are hot, since they involve a good expansion of the current line!

According to Prosser, we will see at least two new Apple headsets arriving in 2020, one of them at the event that will take place in June. The first would be such headphones over-ear, code-named B515 – it would cost $ 350 and be a competitor to the Bose 700.

The second product would be the “AirPods X”, codenamed B517. These headphones would be more focused on playing sports (something like BeatsX) and would cost $ 200. It, however, would be released in September / October, probably alongside the new iPhones and Apple Watches.

This product, in fact, must be – according to Prosser – those “AirPods Pro Lite” that the DigiTimes so much commented recently.

The fact is that, if this really happens, we would move from the current two models of AirPods (the “normal” and the Pro) to four models composing the Apple headphones line. Why this increase?

According to leaker, Apple’s idea is to really grow this family to gradually * kill * Beats in the long run (meaning it won’t happen overnight). For him, the AirPods brand is more meaningful and valuable – that’s why the company wants a very complete line of headphones under its brand.

It would be for this reason, too, that Apple is selling headphones from Beats with up to 40% discount to employees – the idea is to really clean the stocks.

So, does the plan make sense? ?

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Update 04/07/2020 at 16:40

The rumor involving the death of the Beats brand was hit in a report by 9to5Mac.