Rumor: Apple will launch new MacBooks Air early next year, including a 15-inch model

The MacBook Air has everything, even: besides making the competition break your head to try to compete with it, Apple's ultraportable is the most rumored Mac of recent times. It is said that its 15-inch version should have been released last year, but that it will actually arrive next year.

New 15-inch MacBook Air

Now, to add more fuel to the fire, the DigiTimes stated that a new update for the Air line will happen even in the beginning of 2012 (first quarter), bringing models of 11 and 13, in addition to the new option of 15 inches. Still according to the news, Apple would reduce the prices of the current line before introducing the new versions, something rare to happen.

Most likely the new MacBooks Air will use Ivy Bridge chips, which will support OpenCL, USB 3.0 and gains of up to 60% compared to what we have today. In addition, Intel is not silly or anything, and wants to guarantee its future within Macs is very focused on the graphics performance of the new processor. The only thing that does not beat this story is the launch date of the chips, scheduled for the second quarter of 2012. Unless, of course, Apple can get their hands on them before the competition or that the new line does not count yet. with the new processors from Chipzilla.

Representing 28% of Mac sales, Apple normally wanted to pay more attention to the MacBook Air, introducing, for example, the so-called new 15-inch model.

(via MacRumors)