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Rumor: Apple will launch iMessage for Android at WWDC

O iMessage far from being a perfect messenger let's face it there are many simple things that Apple can do to improve it (like showing the content of tweets, upload the video master image, show the name and icon of apps, preload images from social networks like Instagram and so on), but we also can't deny that a hand on the wheel.

iMessage for Android

One of the things that prevents the service from alarming larger flights is precisely its closed nature, intrinsic to the Apple ecosystem (Macs, iPhones, iPads, etc.). But that could change now, next week. According to the MacDailyNews, Apple announces on Monday, during the opening presentation of WWDC 2016, that it will bring iMessage to the operating system Android.

The move makes a lot of sense for several reasons, even to go head-to-head with Google itself, which recently announced its new communication strategy by introducing the duo Allo and Duo.

There are several ways for a messenger to gain prominence, such as security, provision of resources, etc. However, reaching (something that WhatsApp has plenty of here in Brazil) is something imperative for the service to be successful in this competitive sea. IMessage has long been known to be a very secure way of communicating, since all messages are encrypted from end to end; now, if the rumor is confirmed and the messenger even arrives on the Android platform, he has everything to gain a new lease of life and compete on equal terms with his competitors.

I hope, however, that this is not the only novelty of iMessage. As I mentioned above, there are still many things that Apple can do to improve it and, when bringing the service to Android, the charge / speed in the availability of new features will be even greater on it.

May WWDC come and FaceTime follow that same path!

(via MacRumors)