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Rumor: Apple will launch cheaper Macs

Apple may be preparing to make changes to its product line, bringing down prices for more popular Macs. what does the AppleInsider, citing “sources familiar with the subject”.

iMac and MacBook

The novelty would not be a direct response to Microsoft's "Laptop Hunters" campaign, but rather an interim solution to combat the proliferation of cheap notebooks known as netbooks, until the company is ready to launch its all-talked iTablet (a new generation Newton) . This project, in fact, is taking longer to get off the ground than previously planned.

The site specifically cites more accessible versions of 13-inch MacBooks and iMacs that today start at $ 1,000 and $ 1,200, respectively, likely to be launched this spring (northern hemisphere; autumn in the south). MacBooks Pro, in turn, would follow the current path, benefiting from an update to Intel's Montevina processors, which should make a nice leap in speeds clocks.

wait and see.